How Tarot Readings and Astrology Vary?

Tarot Readings

Fortune telling has many variations across the globe. Over time, astrology and star gazing were quite famous in the eastern world, whereas the west developed the art of tarot reading. Though both are proficient in predicting the future of any man or place, they both differ a lot with their working mechanism.

Since the modern world no longer segregates them regionally, check out the major differences to pick out the reliable one for you if you ever approach any.

Fortune telling

Astrology works on zodiac signs, whereas tarot is a card play

Stars and planetary positions influence the person’s fortune, which astrology predicts. The readers plot charts for any particular zodiac sign for studying the positions and directions of the governing celestial bodies.

On the other hand, Tarot lays out 78 cards for the clients to choose the ones that determine their fortune. The images on the cards have defined meanings that help the tarot readers predict the solutions.

Tarots answer specific questions, but astrology is often general

Astrology has several categories to predict career, life, finance, future, or health. Though these are specified subcategories, their predictions aren’t pinpointed to any specific doubt but are quite generalized.

In contrast, if you go to tarot readers with a specific question about anything related to the above categories, you might get a sure-shot answer. Several times, astrology predicts the possibilities for all the people with the particular zodiac sign where every fact doesn’t apply to all. It isn’t the case in person-centric tarot reading.

There is a bit of science in astrology but none in tarot readings

Astrology depends on astronomical sciences, which also consider the positions and movement of stars and planets. This dependency brings it a little closer to believable science, as many experiments and predictions are also cross-checked and found similar. Tarot reading is purely dependant on psychic intuitions, which lack any scientific background.

Tarot reading demands higher psychic intuition of the reader

Tarot readers have strong psychic skills to help them tame the cards before picking a few for reading purposes. They perceive their client’s nature and personality (your focus also plays a critical role here), focus on infusing the power to their cards, and select the specific ones that can help them. It’s why they frequently have to cleanse and purify their cards to erase any negativity. Astrologers don’t use any psychic skills but depend on time and mathematical calculations to predict.


You can get long span predictions from astrology rather than tarot readers

Astrological predictions begin with enquiring about birth date and time that aid in figuring out the possible predictions throughout the person’s life. The readers can predict long spans of life, especially how any of your decisions might affect your coming years. They also apply this principle to foresee any place or country in general.

In contrast, tarot reading is question-specific and usually provides solutions for any particular queries asked. They don’t go on predicting for a prolonged term, nor do they take up general situations to read.

How Tarot Readings and Astrology Vary?
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